Implementing Strategic Choice

What advice would you give to management concerning the best way to implement strategic choices in an organization? There are four types of tactics that management can use to implement strategic plans in an organization: intervention, persuasion, participation, and edict. Intervention tactics begins when a manager decides to make strategic changes. The manager creates the need for change in minds of the group (leaders, peers) by reforming the systems (Nutt, 1998).
This is done by showing a comparison between the present system and a reform system and showing performance gap. Then, the manager is ready to create steps to implement intervention tactics. Before using these steps, it is essential for a manager to be educated on possibilities, redirected threats, managed anger, built confidence, and reinforced the plans (Huse, 1975). It demands high level skills to create new norms to show the need for change for the organization. 2. How would your advice change based on whether the organization’s environment was dynamic versus stable?
A dynamic organization’s environment has is one that is full of possible opportunities and possible treats. Therefore, managers, specifically planners and policy makers cannot analyze future environment? s condition with an assumption that it will stay in a predictable state. Managers are challenged to make environmental decisions to improve performance. According to Carlsson and El Sawy (2008), Decision making in turbulent environments is challenging because managers must decide and act rapidly.

Consequently, decision-makers must plan for the uncertainties of the environment. One of the main factors that contribute to the sense of uncertainties is lack of communication. The lack of communication that prevents managers from making organization environment decisions such as: lack of information and lack of knowledge. In contrast, in a stable and predictable environment, managers who are the decision-makers can adhere to a long-term plan whereas the uncertain or dynamic environment plans are short-term.

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Implementing Strategic Choice
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