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Beyond the Screen
Consider the range of new technology, from the Internet of things to wearable technology to virtual reality or augmented reality devices to self-driving cars. The definition of user experience is moving far beyond a computer screen-human interface into new and exciting areas. What implications do you see for designers in these new areas—particularly related to human factors?
In your initial post:

Select a new or emerging technology and include the URL to a site that provides an overview.

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Discuss how the current ideas of UX design, as they have been presented in this course, will challenge you to think outside the box as a user interaction designer for this new technology.

You may choose one from the options given in the following resources, or select your own cool futuristic tech toys:

Oculus: Rift + Touch.

11 Best AR Smart Glasses (Augmented Reality Headsets)!

Why Hololens.

The Best Smartglasses 2017: Snap, Vuzix, ODG, Sony & More

The Best Smart Clothing: From Biometric Shirts to Contactless Payment Jackets.

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