3 JAVA problems

The following are three projects. Make three separate classes. Example
You must submit three java files. No Zip file will be allowed.
Problem 1:
Write a program that accepts an amount of money on deposit and a number of years it has been on deposit (years can have decimals). It will determine the interest to be paid on the deposit based on the following schedule:
Time on Deposit                                                   Interest Rate
            >= 5 years                                                                    4.5%
            Less than 5 and >=4 years                                            4%
            Less than 4 and >=3 years                                            3.5%
            Less than 3 and >=2 years                                            2.5%
            Less than 2 and >=1 years                                            2%
            Less than 1 year                                                           1.5%
Compute the interest with the formula: Interest = Deposit * IntRate * Years.
Display the original deposit, the interest earned, and the new Balance (with interest added to the deposit.  
Problem 2:
Write a program with a loop that lets the user enter a series of integers. The user should enter -99 to signal the end of the series.  After all the numbers have been entered, the program should display the largest and smallest numbers entered, as well as the average of all the numbers entered.  Assume the initial value of the smallest number and the largest number is -99 and the initial average is 0.0.  Make sure the average prints out to two decimal places.
Problem 3
For a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c = 0 (where a, b and c are coefficients), its roots are given by the formula:-
The value of the discriminant (b2-4ac) determines the nature of roots.  Write a program that reads the values of a, b and c from the user and performs the following:-

If the value of the discriminant is positive, the program should print out that the equation has two real roots and prints the values of the two roots. 
If the discriminant is equal to 0, the roots are real and equal.
if the value of the discriminant is negative, then the equation has two complex roots.

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Sample Output
Enter values for a, b and c:- 2 10 3
Discriminant = 76
Equation has two real roots
Roots are as follows:-
x1 = -0.320551
x1 = -0.320551
Any character to end:-

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