Using the Waldorf Online Library or a website that contains case studies related to international law and issues, treaties, and national security, select a case study that interests you personally. 

This case study must involve an international issue that can be linked to our national security, as well as a treaty that is related to national security. Read it thoroughly. Once you finish reading the case study, draft a three-page paper in proper APA format, consisting of the following elements: HLS 3304, Ethical and Legal Issues in Homeland Security 3 1. A short summary of the facts regarding the international conflict of your case. This summary can usually be done in one paragraph. If, however, your case is complicated and requires further discussion, you may exceed the page limit. 2. The bulk of your paper, which must be at least three pages will address at least three of the questions listed below. This section may also be extended if necessary, but you must meet the three page minimum requirement. 3. The conclusion of your paper will be a short statement regarding your own thoughts of the case. 

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This is your reflection and will be based on your personal opinion and perspective. This section should not require more than one paragraph. Process your thoughts carefully, and condense them into a few sentences. Questions to address in your assignment:  

Critically analyze the premise of the case study, and determine its impact on national security, legislation of domestic laws, and/or the ability of the United States to adequately enforce its homeland security laws.  Review any historical implications of the case (i.e. have the countries had tense relations in the past, which will make future relations unlikely?  What elements of the country’s decision to act, legislate, react, or legislate had an impact on treaties and international law?  If you were a part of the cabinet during the event(s), would you have handled it similarly? Why? If not, what advisement would you have offered, and why?  Conclude with your own thoughts on the case. Your case study must be a minimum of three pages, not including the title page and reference page. Your case study must be double-spaced, typed using 12 point Times New Roman

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