725: draft

draft do 3 -3.5 pages, i will show prof, and give feedback, and then we do final

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725: draft
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Essay 3: Your Research Paper
Your first draft of Essay 3 is due Tuesday, April 16. You have already chosen your topic and briefly stated your plan in a one-page assignment. Please use that plan to help you write Draft 1 (though you are free to vary it if you find a better way to express what you want.)
Answers to Your Questions on Essay 3: You need to cite and use (quote or paraphrase) at least 3 sources in your text. 
Use sources (readings, videos, interviews) to support your own thesis.
In your first draft, complete your Works Cited list so that I can give you help on the form. 
Try to make draft 1 at least 3.5 pages long (4 is better!). Your final draft must be at least 5 full pages long. Your Works Cited page will be separate from the 5+ pages of text.
Below is a copy of a class handout you’ll receive: How Your Paper will Be Graded.
How Your Research Paper Will Be Graded
I. Ideas/Content of the paper
1. Does the paper have a thesis that engages/interests the reader and that is arguable?
2. How well does the writer use sources (readings, videos, interviews….) to support the paper’s thesis?
3. How fairly and clearly does the writer present the views of authors of his/her sources?
4. Does the writer use support that convinces you of his/her point of view?
5. Does the writer help the reader understand the significance of any quote s/he uses by commenting on the quote?
6. Does the writer recognize a counter-argument and address it well?
7. Does the essay in some way add to the discussion of the topic? In other words, does the writer express anything new and different from what the sources already said?
8. Does the conclusion offer one final idea to persuade the reader to see the topic as the writer does?
II. Paper organization 
9. Does the paper state a clear thesis at the end of the introduction?
10. How well does the writer guide the reader so that the reader can follow the writer’s logic and understand how each paragraph relates to the next (using transitions or a sentence that refers back to earlier information
11. Does the writer paraphrase and quote properly?
12. Does the writer stay on one topic in each paragraph?
III. Mechanics of the paper/Correctness
13. Does the writer use conventional format for the paper (paper title, double spacing, normal margins and font, quotation form, MLA citation form)?
14. Are sentences free from grammar errors that prevent the reader from understanding the writer’s ideas?
15. Are sentences complete (i.e., no run-ons, no fragments)?

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