A problem related to GSU graduation ceremony Essay

Graduates’ names will no longer be separately called- the alumnuss during the beginning ceremonial will be recognized harmonizing to their several college and grade. Names will no longer be called separately. While this seems a major divergence from the traditional ceremonial where alumnuss will be called one by one. it besides aims for efficiency because of the increasing pupil population.
Two graduation ceremonials each year- there will be two beginnings viz. the spring and winter beginnings after autumn semester and spring semester.
There is no more summer beginning ceremonial. The pupils who finish school after the summer category have to wait following semester for them to be able to go to the graduation ceremonial. Students will hold to wait for the following graduation semester which makes life hard for them. They will non be able to happen a occupation instantly after graduation for they have to wait until they were able to process on the graduation ceremonial.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. gsu. edu/es/graduation. hypertext markup language

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A problem related to GSU graduation ceremony Essay
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