A proposal for Dissertation

I chose the subject:Industry/company appraisal or Business Plan
i would like to industry appraisal this subject.
How about looking at how companies in one industry are acquiring internet companies due to the impact internet companies have on changing that industry. For example, a lot of banks are acquiring financial technology companies (fintech), fitness pal was acquired by a clothing company, Nike are investing in technology etc.

I would like to study the Internet’s M&A motivation.Look at literature on internet industry in general and then narrow down using the two case studies.such as China’s Alibaba merger ELEME (online ordering platform).

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A proposal for Dissertation
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An important difference between conventional dissertations and these more application oriented dissertations is that in the latter, the literature review would outline and critique the theories and frameworks used in the analysis, explain why they are appropriate for the analysis and introduce evidence from existing studies on the relevant sector as context for the study. Whether a business appraisal or a sector study, the dissertation cannot be simply a description of the company and its activities but should analyse the situation based on evidence and using appropriate theories, frameworks and tools. These are likely to come from Economic Environment of Business, International Business, Advanced Topics in International Business, Strategic Management, Business Finance, Accounting for Non-Financial Managers and Marketing Management.

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