A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Life has always been filled with different challenges. Sometimes, these challenges were enough to change the way we deal with life in general. There were people who get disappointed and depressed, making their lives more miserable.

And there were others, who despite of their hardships and challenges, manage to live them most of their lives striving to be the best person they can be.

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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
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The novel, “A Walk to Remember”, tells the story of a seventeen year-old teenager, Landon Carter. He was one of the popular students, armed with charm and good looks, and adored by many. He lived his life by playing pranks on others, bullying them and taking people for granted. He was aimless, and was contented with the kind of life his parents could provide him with. Everything changed when he met Jamie Sullivan.
Jamie was the daughter of a Baptist minister in Beaufort. She was the complete opposite of Landon. People often had a notion that Jamie was weird, for she was always quiet , holding a Bible wherever she went. Her father was strict, and never allowed her to mingle much with the people around her. Unknown to many, Jamie had cancer.
The time came when Jamie and Landon had to work together in the annual Christmas play written by Jamie’s father, Hegbert Sullivan. At first, both were uncomfortable working together, primarily because they had different views in life. Jamie’s life was simple, and filled with dreams she wished she could accomplish someday. Landon, on the other hand, was just contented with the kind of life that he had, and aimless in life.
The two were always together, making them learn more about life. Their differences have somehow bridged the gap that was placed long before they had the chance to exchange ideas. Soon after, they were in love.
Landon was left in awe upon learning that Jamie was dying of Leukemia. He was desolated at first, but faced the life changing trial by fulfilling Jamie’s wish list. He made Jamie feel loved and special, making her happy all the time.
In the end, Landon and Jamie were married in the church where Jamie’s deceased mother was married. Jamie was initially on a wheel chair, for she was very weak. She stood up and walked towards the altar to meet Landon, and his father Hegbert, who was to officiate the wedding.
The story of the novel was astounding. It made viewers feel that regardless of life’s challenges, one can still find that blissful ending. The novel also showed us that regardless of our statures in life, love will prevail. In Landon and Jamie’s case, both were from the opposite ends of the social strata.
Landon was part of the popular kids, who played pranks on others for fun, aimless, and cared less for their education. Jamie, on the other hand,  was branded to be one of those who cared much for her academics, career driven, and timid towards others.
I particular admire the part wherein Jamie told Landon not to fall in love with her. It was an awkward statement to be given by Jamie, knowing her status in school. Landon, on the other hand, took it effortlessly, knowing that he would not fall in love with a girl like Jamie. He was surprised in the end, knowing that he had done the things that he did not normally do in life. Jamie was an influential force in Landon’s sudden maturity.
The story itself had a typical story set for a novel-”the boy meets girl then falls in love, despising the belief of others” type. But the novel goes further than that.  With the simple plot, the author was able to incorporate to the novel the magic and lessons in life that may be learned by teenagers. He was able to take into consideration the differences in perceptions, and how people, from all walks of life can come together for one purpose.
In this case, those who used to despise Jamie helped give her the best summer she can have in her lifetime. They made her feel that regardless of her illness, she can still fulfill her dreams. At the same time, she was able to live her life like a normal teenager, not being given the special treatment given to dying patients.

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