During Unit VIII, students will submit their final emergency plan. The final emergency plan will consist of three components: (1) Part I, which identifies the eight potential risk areas; (2) Part II, which identifies the impacted segment(s) and provides an overview of actions planned for each of the eight potential risk areas; and (3) Part III, which provides step-by-step actions to implement the plan in each of the eight areas. Students will have already completed and received feedback from their instructor for Parts I and II in previous units. For this reason, students will only need to make corrections and incorporate revisions suggested by the instructor in Parts I and II of the final emergency plan. 
Part III of the final emergency plan must provide detailed descriptions of the actions that must be taken to implement each component of the plan. This section of the emergency plan should resemble the sample emergency plans that you located in Unit II of the course. 
While the level of detail required for each component of the plan may vary, it is anticipated that Part III of the final emergency plan should be seven pages in length. This should result in a final emergency plan (Parts I, II, and III) that is 15– 20 pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. Please review the general guidelines for papers to obtain a description of other formatting requirements. Your final emergency plan must be formatted and cited per APA guidelines. 

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