Access to Education

For My Research paper, I would like to talk about Access to Education in world countries. This subject is important to me because I want to become a teacher someday.For most Americans, we usually have the typical ordinary lives, we go to school, get a job and work. Now-a-days most Americans, don’t go to school but imagine not being able to go to school your whole life and just working from the age of 7.
Now that’s something to think about, for many world countries, it`s not easy to get access to education like it is for the people in America. For third world countries they don’t get educated period, and we American are forced to go to school by the age of 16, we take it for granted. Could you imagine not going to school and getting an education?
How would you feel if you didn’t have supplies for class or a classroom to go to? These are just some questions to think about. Education is one of the most difficult things to get in third world countries because of lack of funding, un-trained teachers and also no classroom. Body 1 Education is one of the most difficult things to get in world countries because of lack of funding.

According to one of the number one reason to having education in world countries is “a lack of funding for education”, from this article it says ” the amount of total aid that’s allocated to education has decreased in each of the past six years and education aid is 4% lower than it was in 2009.”
Wow, the fact that education has decreased since 2009 is not a good sign, we should be going up higher but even in the united states there are children not wanting to go to school, they feel being a basketball player or singer is better.

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Access to Education
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