accounting question essay format

Define accounting and describe its role in business.?
Accounting, the language of business allows for the communication and distribution of information to owners, managers, and investors to evaluate a company’s financial performance and need. The main fundamental purpose of accounting is to provide stakeholders with enough financial information to make better business decisions. It is crucial to have some type of business model or plan before running a business or run an organization, and even make investment decisions.  The accountant prepares accurate and timely financial information to keep the business afloat. One of the most important things about having a business is to make sure that stakeholders understand the financial information. Accountants doesn’t only interpret financial information for, but they work with both individuals and groups with their financial information to deal with business problems. Accountants are an important aspect of a business because they to analyze, interpret, and communicate information and present the data in a clear and concise manner while efficiently interacting with people from every business discipline. Accountants measure and summarize business activities, interpret financial data, and communicate the results to management, decision makers as well as stakeholders.

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accounting question essay format
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