Admission to the USC Undergraduate Program

I am a keen jet skier and having obtained a degree of proficiency in this highly exciting sport. The bracing sea breeze and the refreshing spray, which play against the skier, are some of the major attractions of this sport. Moreover, this sport has to refresh and rejuvenate its practitioner. This sport taught me the importance of concentrating on what we do. It also taught me prudence and helped me to achieve a calm mind.
I decided to interact more with the world that I live in. Hence, I started to study the various changes taking place in the world. In this study, I came to realize that the multinational corporations had brought about the process of globalization. This process was affecting the whole world and even the US and the European Union had come under its influence.
Some of the Asian countries like India and China have been showing extraordinary growth in their economies. These economies were developing at a greater pace than that of any other country. I wanted to participate in these astonishing developments. In order to do so, I made several enquiries and went through the syllabus offered by a number of colleges. My intention was to obtain a thorough knowledge regarding globalization and the economic success of some of the Asian countries.

In the course of my search, I found out about the University of Southern California, which had been founded in 1880. This university is a private university, which is the best for research. It has several campuses that are famous their academic excellence (About USC).
However, in addition to academic excellence, it also promotes community service programs. This work has been praised widely and its alumni are famous, not only for their academic excellence but also for their contribution to society. Its financial independence ensures that it remains unaffected by governmental policies and political interference (About USC). These facts made me very much interested in pursuing an MBA program in this university.
Newton Part
My parents left Armenia in the 1970’s, whilst it was under Soviet Rule. Their new home in the US was very hospitable to them. However, they could not attend college, because of their financial commitments. Most of their waking hours were spent in earning sufficient money to meet their expenses.
They were always aware of this drawback in their life. As a result, they used to tell me repeatedly, to take my studies seriously. My performance at school was slightly above average. Therefore, I obtained an average high school diploma. My parents were very disappointed with my mediocre performance in school. They told me that I had to improve my performance.
One day, while alone with my thoughts, I started thinking about what had happened to my performance in school. I am very good at logical analysis. Therefore, I thought for a long time and realized that if I did not study with greater diligence, I would end up like my parents. The choice before me was to either work hard at my studies or get a very good job or to obtain an ordinary degree and work very hard for the rest of my life, for poor wages. This was a very thought, so I decided to become a very good student in college.
On another occasion, during this period, I came across a spider attempting to spin a web. It would try to attach a strand, which would break off. Nevertheless, the spider did not stop its efforts; it patiently and with the same amount of effort, made another attempt. Finally, it succeeded in its hard work. Like Robert Bruce of England, I too realized the value of perseverance. I understood that even if some topic in my studies was difficult to understand, I should keep on trying to understand it.
There was another factor that had a strong influence on my attitude towards life. I have a cousin named, Haroutoun Aharonian. He was very good at studies in high school and college. After that he pursued a graduate program in the University of Southern California. He became very good at analyzing stock markets, due to the MBA program that he attended in the University of Southern California’s  Marshall School of Business. One of the largest stock broking firms in Los Angeles has appointed him to a very important post, in their company. The sole reason for this success was the very good teaching standard of that college. This incident taught me that I had to work hard and develop an interest in my chosen field of study. On studying his success story, I decided to follow in his footsteps, and apply for the MBA program in the Marshall School of Business.
I want to become an expert in Finance and Business Economics and this school imparts the necessary training and knowledge to achieve this goal. I would also like to keep the choice of joining the Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics. The USC Marshall School of Business offers the latest world class instruction in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship and international business studies (About The Marshall School of Business, 2007).
The world has become smaller due to globalization; moreover, some Asian countries are showing highly rapid economic development. Traditional management techniques cannot address these phenomena. It is a course like that provided by the Marshall School of Business, which can properly describe these issues. This is the principal reason for my seeking a transfer to the Marshall School of Business.
About The Marshall School of Business. (2007). Retrieved January 25, 2008, from University of Southern California Marshall School of Business :
About USC. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2008, from University of Southern California:

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Admission to the USC Undergraduate Program
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