Affirmative Action

I recommend that the company’s board of directors should be committed to the principle of affirmative action and to the equal employment policy.

Equal employment opportunities and affirmative action are the same in respect to employment, promotion and selection. However, equal employment opportunities and affirmative action embody concepts which are different.

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Affirmative Action
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Equal employment opportunity has that meaning that all individuals must receive equal treatment in the process of hiring, promotion and training.
On the other side, affirmative action affirms that, individuals in an organization and the organizations seek to eliminate that past discrimination effects against the minorities, women, veterans, and disabled persons by making effort which is continuous and positive in recruitment, employment promotion and retention (Geraldine, 2002, pp. 270).
The company board of directors should endorse the affirmative action as it will help in supporting the values of the company. The commitment in the company should go beyond the neutrality in the opportunities of employment with regard to color, race, age, sex, national origin, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, and religion and gender identity.
The director of the office of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action should take the responsibility to oversee and coordinate the programs of affirmative action employment in the company.
He should also ensure that the programs are implemented through out the all the department of the company. As the company’s board of directors implements the affirmative action this will help in overcoming the discrimination effects experienced in the past against the groups such as minorities and the women, veterans, and disabled people by making a continuous and positive effort in employment, recruitment, promotion and retention.
During the process of implementing of the affirmative action the board of directors should remove all barriers which restrict the personal and professional development of persons who belong to the protected class. The affirmative action should only be implemented to attract the qualifying group of minorities and women (Geraldine, 2002, pp. 271).
In the implementation of affirmative action the board of directors must ensure that there is diversity of the employees. The goal of diversity can not be achieved in the company unless people with disability, women and veterans and other minority members are hired in the company.
However, hiring of minorities or women in position which have no advancement potential is not acceptable. Each and every one must go through standards which are similar during periods of advancement, hiring and promotion.
The similar opportunities must be there for all people. In the process of implementing the affirmative actions, the directors should not encourage employment of candidates who do not meet the required qualifications. All candidates should face similar set standard by the company’s directors.
If the directors will implement the affirmative action on the basis of double qualifications, then it means that the women and the other minority groups will be less qualified to the position of employment as compared to men and other groups who face the right qualification standards. The director should carefully examine the reason as to why certain qualifications are needed.
The qualifications measures are always not valid and work against minorities and women who are in most circumstances fresh in their field. In some cases, minorities and women use different means to achieve similar careers.
The board of directors in the company needs to pay attention to the years of similar experience. To ensure that the minorities are attracted to work in the company, the board of directors should promote the company by familiarizing candidates on the strengths of the company it has in providing diverse cultural events and activities and affordable facilities for the staffs.
For example, the company may introduce the minority candidates to the group members of minority who work in the company so that they can be in position to be familiar with the company from the perspective of the minorities. The office of diversity and equal employment opportunity should help in this effort (Geraldine, 2002, pp. 282).

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