Air conditioner

Tout Air-condition and ventilation Based on the new facilities of meeting room and exhibition hall, we would need to design air-condition and ventilation system too. Firstly, great air quality and circulation is the most important part of the venue ventilation system. In contrast, poor air quality and circulation will easily let people sleepy. Also, indoor temperature should be maintained between 24-ICC according the government standard. So, should have independent, adjustable temperature system to controls for the ambient temperature of the number of people.
For meeting rooms, an optimum condition of 50+5% is generally used for design purpose. And the exhibition hall should need strict control of relative humidity is critical because it will be works of art and delicate objects. In view of this, we would choice unitary equipment of meeting room. The system is a central air conditioning system in the form of air conditioning load. It is lower cost packaged, simplicity of installation and individual control unitary equipment.
Because it uses a concentrated form of air conditioning dad, so relative to the air conditioning load distributed processing distributed air-conditioning system, which has energy-efficient, comfortable, convenient adjustment capacity, low noise, vibration and other prominent advantages. Suitable for meeting room’s about room temperature ICC and 60% to 80% humidity standard of requires fresh air. Also, if the interior noise, such as noise of the air conditioner is too large, it will greatly affect the performance of the audio system, difficult to hear speech of chairman.

As the same time, we would choice central station systems of exhibition hall. The system is host by the microcomputer to control central air conditioner each interval, its can automation to load operation according to the actual and to simplify air conditioning facilities management. Also without taking the device layer, can reducing utilities and construction investment to easily with the house renovation. And, it is running by water source heat pump, no combustion process to avoid the sewage, effectively saving energy and operating costs and it general service life more than over system, about of 15-25 years.
Acoustic and sound control In addition to, design the air condition and ventilation also need to design acoustic and sound control equipment too. When designing this equipment, will need considerations influence various aspects of the venues such as the layout, volume, ceiling construction and other equipment requirements. According to the technical requirements of acoustics of meeting rooms have some reverberation time requirements. In general, the reverberation time is too short will let the sound boring; mixing time is too long will let sounds confusing.
Therefore, different meeting rooms has its best reverberation mime, right reverberation time can beautify spokesman’s voice and to cover the noise, increase the effectiveness of the session. Also, to ensure sound insulation and sound absorption, the room should with carpeted floors, ceilings and insulation blankets are equipped within four walls, double glazed windows should be used and set the double door for sound system. These sound control method also suitable of exhibition hall. But exhibition hall’s area lager than meeting room and often held different event, so it will be need installed control rooms of the hall to control sound.
In control room, the temperature must be maintained at around 1 8-ICC and keep cool and dry environment to protect the equipment would not be affect by humidity. Because of this, it also need sufficient space to separate ventilation and for maintenance. And the room’s space should be usually mm wide x 2. Mm deep (10 x 8 Ft) suitable to accommodate a sound-mixer console with VA equipment. In concussion, the room should locate at the rear of the venue to provide sound control. So need adequate space to operate the master control, equipment and work table also.

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Air conditioner
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