Am I a Serial Killer

Am I a Serial Killer? Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself, “How can someone Just BE a continuous murderer? ” Brain damage, environment, and genetic codes are all factors that determine whether an individual may become a serial killer. If you have ever questioned the ability to become an indecisive human being, this may be your route to information. When studying the human brain, Jim Fallon found that the activity and functions of the “serial killer” brain is extremely different than the “normal”.
Looking at divots nd lines through out the brain, he noticed that these meant that there were issues- brain damage. Brain damage occurs when the brain doesn’t completely develop in utero. Then once the child is born and begins to learn, the brain attempts to fix itself, causing damage when not succeeding. Among the studies of the variables, environmental issues have also caused the brain to dysfunction. Things like war, stepping over government guidelines, and over ruling society, all can cause insane amounts of depression, which can also lead to murder or suicide.
Seeing that this occurs frequently through out the world, suicide and murders could possibly be a factor of this variable. Inside your genetic code you will find twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. Among these twenty-three oddly placed characters, there is one gene that gets passed down through your mother. This gene causes you to become immune to serotonin. Well, what really causes this immune-ness is when, in utero, the fetus is basically surrounded by serotonin, a chemical induced by the brain to calm you down when angry or upset.

Considering that this would cause the child’s brain to become mmune to the chemical, the brain will no longer obtain the calming information being sent out by the serotonin chemical. Thus, once angered, the brain does not stop raging on about the situation. On the contrary, people might think that these statements are false. But- considering that the research has already been done the statements are true. So, are you a serial killer? Check your brain, environment, and DNA. You might find that you are a carrier. But Just incase you are, Just because you have a reason to go crazy, doesn’t mean you should. By lovebree95

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