American Government

Assignment Instructions
This is the last piece of your class project. Imagine the presentation has been approved by the president and will be publicly published to sell the president’s ideas.
Take your research from the essays and present it in a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint. Here’s a link to instructions on using PowerPoint if you’re new to it. Open Office can also be used to create PowerPoint presentations, even if you don’t have Microsoft Office. Alternative formats are acceptable too if available to you, such as Prezio or Knovio. 


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American Government
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A title slide and reference slide.
Each topic will have a four-slide minimum to explain the problem, illustrate the competing solutions, and explain why one is better. 
At least one use of animation and one sound should be used within the final product. 

You want to use bullet points with either detailed speaker’s notes, a transcript, or an audio of you giving the presentation.  I will count any of these toward the multimedia requirement. Just adding useless noises or music that doesn’t add to the presentation won’t count. Be organized.

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