Analyze the Statement of Purpose Essay

Over the years, my interest in the fashion industry has evolved along with my understanding and through my studies, personal experience and personal research. I have decided that a career in International Fashion Marketing is a perfect fit for me. The highly rated International Fashion Marketing course at Caledonian University will give me the necessary tools to turn my career ambitions into reality. I am especially excited that this course was designed with the industry consultation and combines real world business scenarios along with academic theory.The four week work placement in the second semester will be an invaluable opportunity to apply skill-sets learnt and a perfect enter way into a career in Fashion Marketing. “Fashion” for me is just not a word or a term, it is my passion, my identity.
Fashion according to me is a prevailing style of etiquette. Born in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal where the world of Fashion is still in its infancy. I grew up hearing that clothing is just a requirement, a necessity for us humans. But I always thought there is more than that to it.I always believed Fashion is not just about looking good, but it is about looking good to feel good and confident. Growing up in a country where every parent wants their children to become Doctors and Engineers. It was difficult for me to convince the people around my interest in the world of Fashion.
Fortunately with time I was able to convince my parents to allow me to do a diploma course in Fashion Designing from India. After completing it successfully I came to the UK for further studies and completed my degree in Fashion and Textiles from Thames Valley University.Whilst studying I got an opportunity to work at House of Fraser as a sales advisor in the ladies wear department , where I learnt about how all the buying, selling, merchandising, and marketing process works. I then started developing a very keen interest in the marketing side of the mysterious Fashion world. Yes that is what I call it because I always had so many questions on my mind. Always used to wonder the success behind big designer names, the chain of Fashion, the seasonal style and colour forecasts and so on .Eventually I got answers to most of my questions, some from my work experience, some from my University lectures and rest from my own research.

On my third year of University I had already realised that my interest is more on the marketing and merchandising side then the designing side. After the completion of the course, due to family commitments I had to move to different cities within the UK, and did not really get to focus on my career. For almost three years I travelled and moved from city to city.During these years I was in Birmingham for six months and got a job as a conference coordinator in a hotel. Though the job was not Fashion related, it still gave me an opportunity to understand the concepts and techniques of marketing, advertising and to develop my negotiating skills. I also travelled to New York a couple of times during these three years, purpose of visit would always be family related but whenever I could I would go to boutiques situated in malls or street and talk to the people working there to get an idea, an insight of how things works there.We are living in the 21st century.
In a world which is very competitive, you think about something creative and the next minute you see someone else has already applied it. So thinking about or designing a piece of work is not just enough. For a fashion company or a brand to launch itself it requires a lot of effort and marketing plays a huge role for it to initialise its identity, compete in the market and survive in the world of Fashion.The concept of marketing in many countries is still limited to just advertising a product, launching it, selling it and once successfully done forgetting about the marketing part and just focus on growing sales. Failing to realise that they have already been superseded by a competitor. Fashion marketing in my opinion is just not to advertise products and to be able to sell them, it is an art to be able to make people trust and believe in it, to build a relationship with the consumers and develop a feeling of brand loyalty in them.For every brand to be recognised and to be successful there is an imperative need to have a pioneering marketing strategy and this concept applies very handsomely to the Fashion Industry business as well.
I have a deep penchant for studying International Fashion Marketing because this course will enable me with all the necessary skills/expertise to understand the Fashion marketing dynamics in this changing world. Today, renowned Fashion brands like Armani, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc have aptivated the globe with instant recognition and I believe effective marketing has been the backbone of their success. With this degree I will have a very sound platform on which I can utilise my skills as a Fashion marketing consultant and thereby help small budding Fashion houses/companies especially in developing countries like Nepal, India gain national and subsequently international recognition. Therefore, I am very keen on doing this course as I would love the challenges thereafter and hence fulfilling my lifelong aim of being successful in the field of Fashion.

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Analyze the Statement of Purpose Essay
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