Analyze the Urban Planning Essay

What’s your take on a good marriage relationship? 2. Where and how can you find your lifetime partner? How do you wish your marriage life to be like? . Comment on the increased family disputes in Kenya. Where and how can you find your lifetime partner? How do you wish your marriage life to be like? Unlike the old days, where parents selected their children’s spouse, men and women choose who they want to be with. This stage is the most celebrated by all humans. However, finding someone who you will stay with for decades has been a challenging matter. In Kenya people appear to be choosy when ‘searching for their preferred spouse.
I (gentleman) will consider the following when looking for the est. partner: a) Character A woman who is ideal for a lasting marriage should possess the love, kindness and generosity essential in a family setting. Good character is shown in a lady when you take time to study her through social interactions either with you or with others. B) Beauty A lady has to be appealing to the man who is of interest with her. A big debate comes when men are discussing how a beautiful woman looks like. They all come to an agreement that every man has his own way of thinking of a lady beauty-wise.
All men eel satisfied when they date a woman they consider beautiful. C) Education A lady should be learned so that we may avoid useless arguments. Education will transform her to be civilized and most men like that. D) Modern A lady should be adorable in her dress code and make up. This does not mean applying lipstick when she knows it is bedtime. Elegancy is a key component especially when a man wants to introduce his lady to his African family. Women would consider the following in their ideal husband. A) Confidence A man should be bold in whatever he is doing.

This makes a lady feel a sense of security and trust the guy with her hardships. B) Personality A man should have a good persona such that he values his hygiene, he should be caring and above all he is trustworthy. Ladies like men who will keep their secrets. C) Education This makes a man seem mature even if he is not, argue in an understandable manner and a lady is confident that he has the ability to head a family-he can advise on the importance of civilization. D) Humorous Ladies value guys who make them smile if not laugh all the time.
With this she is confident that boredom won’t be an issue. E) Looks They are not important to ladies that much if she is not having lust. However there are some ladies who consider looks their first priority. The place where to meet your partner is unknown. It can be in the streets, meetings, parties or even in a bus when traveling.

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Analyze the Urban Planning Essay
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