Analyzing and visualizing data

Kirk (2016) presents Interactivity includes:
Data Adjustments may include the following but are not limited to the following features:
              Framing, Navigating, Animating, Sequencing, Contributing
Presentation Adjustments could be but are not limited to:
Focusing, Annotating, Orienting.

For this discussion, the following must be completed using your own wording. You will need to access the book companion site, for Chapter 7, to access these interactive figures.  If you have not visited the online site yet, it can be found at  Select Chapter 7, then the list of figures, and select the word “Source” to be taken to the source for that figure to be able to interact. 
Please use the 26 figures listed in the text (there are 27 listed online), to make your choice of 2 of these for your discussion assignment for this chapter.

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Analyzing and visualizing data
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Select 2 figures and include the following information in your response.  Do not include any image(s).  Do not include any attachment. 
Your references would be at a minimum, our text, the book companion site and each site for the 2 figures you selected.
Provide the figure number and the title for each of the 2 you selected using the following format- Figure 7.13 OECD Better Life Index.  Again – use the list of figures from the text not the online book companion site.
Include the answers to the following using your own wording:

What were the reasons you selected each of the figures from the 26 provided in the text?
Did you consider the design of each useful and provide your own definition of “useful”? Why or why not?
From a visual accessibility perspective, what were the choices apparently made in the design to meet this requirement? Please ensure you review the definition of accessibility before posting your response.
What were your concerns about trustworthiness of the 2 figures you selected?
From your perspective, who/what group was the targeted audience for the 2 figures you selected?
What modifications/enhancements would you suggest for these 2 figures? Remember there is no such thing as a perfect visual design.

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