Andre Ampere Biography

Andre Ampere biography Andre-Marie Ampere & Electromagnetism Andre-Marie Ampere was first, a Frenchman, second a physicist and third a mathematician. Andre was born on 20 January in the year 1775 at the Parish of St. Nizier, Lyon, France. During his childhood his father tried to teach him Latin, but he found that Andre’s interests and abilities lied in the study of mathematics. Certainly, Andre cherish the time that his father spent teaching him, for later, during the French Revolution, his father was captured and executed.
Andre met Julie Carron in 1796 and married her three years later. Around the same time, Andre tutored in mathematics, chemistry, and languages. He moved to Bourg-en-Bresse, to teach physics and chemistry in 1801. Unfortunately his wife died two years later leaving him with their infant son, Jean-Jacques Ampere. Andre was appointed the professor of mathematics at the University of Lyon just one year later. In 1809, Andre Ampere was appointed professor of mathematics at the Polytechnic school in Paris. He was admitted as a member of the Institute in 1814 and in 1820, after H.
C. Orsted’s discovery that a magnetic needle is acted on by a voltaic current, Andre sent a paper of his own to the Academy that was much more detailed. He didn’t wait, on September 18, 1820, the very same day that he sent his paper, he presented a demonstration to the Academy that parallel wires with electric currents would pull or push at one another based on whether the electric currents was moving in the same or opposite directions. In demonstrating this experiment he laid the foundation of electrodynamics.

Andre Ampere is best known for the Ampere Circuital Law (Ampere’s Law), which states that for any closed loop path, the sum of the length elements times the magnetic field in the direction of the length element is equal to the permeability times the electric current enclosed in the loop. .Andre also invented the astatic needle and the ampere was named after him. Andre led an inquisitorial life, questioning things he did not fully understand, testing the things that he thought he understood, and proving not only his own theories but the series of many that came after him.
Andre Ampere practically invented the science of electromagnetism and he will always be remembered in years to come. Works Cited “Andre Marie Ampere. ” Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6Th Edition (2011): 1. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Jan. 2012. Princeton University. “Ampere’s Theory. ” PrincetonUniversity. edu. Princeton University, 27 Oct. 2010. Web. . Princeton University. “Excerpts: Ampere’s Theory of Magnetism. ” PrincetonUniversity. edu. Princeton University, 27 Oct. 2010. Web. . Nave, C. R. “Ampere’s Law. ” Ampere’s Law. Hyperphysics – Georgia State University, 2011. Web. 25 Jan. 2012. .

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