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Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that applies at least two interpersonal theories and one intrapersonal theory to your personal and/or professional life. You must have one theory from Week One, one from Week Two, and one from either of those weeks. For each theory, discuss one recent example of how the theory explains your behaviors. Be specific and provide examples, rather than providing generalities. Do not guess what other people are thinking; focus on you and your thoughts and behaviors. 
For each example:

Define the theory you will use to explain your experiences.
Describe the communication behaviors explained by this theory.
Briefly sketch your example that illustrates this theory.

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To enrich your discussion, you may consider: 

Was the communication experience effective?  Might it have been even more effective than it was? Weave answers into your work; do not write like answers to homework questions.
Does this theory suggest how you might communicate differently in the future? Explain your answers in complete sentences.

Include at least two in-text citations and a full reference for the course text, Introducing Communication Theory.
Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
One of the most fundamental things to get right in this class is citing our textbook correctly in APA style. I provide it to you here, so I don’t have to correct it countless times on your submissions. Because I give this to you, there are penalties for not using this gift.
Reference List Citation
West, R. & Turner, L. (2014). Introducing communication theory: Analysis and application (5th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.
In-text citation:
West and Turner (2014) state, explain, discuss, tell us etc.
When you use a source in parentheses, it means ONLY THAT SENTENCE is from the source. You may not use a source in parentheses to indicate the WHOLE PARAGRAPH is from the source. Most of the paragraph is then plagiarized, however unintentionally it may be.
 1.    Quote only complete sentences. Never quote more than 40 words.
 2.    ALWAYS use the researcher’s name (date) in the sentence on the first use; do not use citations in parentheses.
 3.    Explain what the source said. Then explain how it applies to your ideas. NEVER explain a source as if the source directly commented on the example you are using.
If you follow these three rules, you are less likely to  distort or misapply what a source wrote. You will avoid patchwork plagiarism, something most students don’t understand very well.

Evaluation Criteria (rubric)
APA Sample Paper
UOPX Essay Guidelines
MS Word Tutorial

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