Applied Science

What is CHEM 101?
Chemistry in Our Community is designed for non-science majors who are  interested in learning about scientific topics currently in the news  and affecting our community, such as the ozone hole, global warming,  acid rain, nuclear power, plastics, drugs, and genetic engineering. The  course fulfills the physical and natural science general education core  curriculum requirement.
Is CHEM 101 a “remedial course”?
Chemistry in Our Community is not a remedial course. The course  fulfills the physical and natural science general education core  curriculum requirement.
How does CHEM 101 differ from the other 100 level chemistry courses?
The course is geared specifically to non-science majors and differs  fundamentally from other chemistry courses by using topical issues such  as global warming, nuclear power and genetic engineering to introduce  and reinforce key chemical concepts. Chemistry and science are presented  as a web of related ideas and calculations rather than a sequence,  which favors learning patterns common in non-science majors.
If I know that I’m not prepared to take CHEM 121, should I take CHEM 111L first?

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