Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

In today’s dynamic environment educational institutions require students to work together in teams. Working in teams helps the students learn interactively. Teamwork might be the key to success in doing any activity in the case of limited time and resources. However, I do not think this is a good way to learn as there might be either no communication or miscommunication amongst the team members. Working with people from different cultural background was a bit hectic as we could hardly understand each other due to communication barriers.
Communication is one of the most important skills to sharpen. Being able to communicate effectively in your own surrounding may seem to be a challenge but it raises rapidly in different culture. In this day and era, globalization is thereby unavoidable and therefore being able to communicate in the pace of cultural diversity is more important than ever. Verbal and non-verbal communication are the two parts of communication that are usually used in any other culture.
Specific duties were shared amongst individuals of my team. At the beginnig, the duties were not as equally difficult. Being the only girl in the group it was quite challenging for me cause men have a tendency of delegating work to the female species as in the society that we live in women are referred to be more vulnerable as compared to men. Doing most of the work was a bit hectic cause I did not know if they would like it or not, and also I had to do my other courses work that I think was too much for one person.

I felt so over-worked however I was doing it to earn my points because I was not ready to put my grades at stake. Most of the teams’ work was however not equally distributed as initially planned. Proper delegation of responsibility and the development of a proper plan for the completion of the goal is the major objective of a team. I felt as if I was an introvert as compared to the extrovert person that I am usually.
Although the familiar saying ‘two hands are better than one’ might be true in most cases, it appears that there are situations when this saying is not truthful.
Later on, I spoke to one of my team members about the incident and he suggested that we talk to the others together about it. He did assemble the rest and I did express how I felt and they looked quite shocked because I did not talk about it until we were graded on the teamwork. We all decide to discuss the essence of teamwork and they assured me that they would help in the upcoming team works.
Looking back at this incident I think I should have acted fast to make everyone in the team participate in the work. I can also see that my inaction did put me at risk of losing my mind. And nowadays I consider myself a balance between an introvert and an extrovert. However, in the future, I will develop my assertive skills when working with team members so as to ensure the well-being of everyone is maintained.

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Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?
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