Argument Analysis(600 words)

 Summary of your argument  (250 words)
What was the purpose of the argument
Did its purpose succeed?
How does the argument change the perspective of the audience?
What assumptions did you make about the knowledge or beliefs of the person you were arguing with?
What context or point of view is the argument coming from?
Context Analysis
What was the overall basis of the argument – why did it occur? Provide context for the argument.
Organization, language, and style
What tone did you use to make your argument (casual, humorous, ironic, angry, preachy, distant, academic, or other)?
Did the tone support or distract from your purpose or meaning?
What language did you use to make your argument?
What kinds of evidence did you use (personal experience, descriptions, statistics, other authorities, analytical reasoning, or other)?
What evidence was most or least effective?
Where did you rely on assertions rather than on evidence?
Overall, how do you feel about the quality of your evidence?
Final Assessment
What did you learn from this argument
What sort of “hidden” politics, values, or beliefs can be seen within this argument?
What is your overall feeling about this argument? How might this argument be used in other contexts?
What might you do differently, if you could argue this argument again?

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