Argument paper

Please use the following to complete assignment:

Paper 2: Argument Synthesis
WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Write an argument essay in which you synthesize information from 3 or more different sources. You may use the source for your rhetorical analysis essay as one source if you plan to pursue the same topic. 
This assignment requires you to develop an essay based on multiple sources. Our textbook explains a “synthesis is a discussion that forges connections between the arguments of two or more authors” (164).  Greene and Lidinsky go on to caution you a synthesis “does not list the similarities and differences you find in different sources or to assert your agreement with one source” (164), but to support your argument about what the connections between these sources mean to you. Textual evidence from the sources serve to support your opinion.  Please note, the essay’s body paragraphs must provide textual evidence from two different sources in support of the topic sentence. You will want to refer to “A Practice Sequence: Writing a Synthesis” to guide your reading and prewriting.  As with all essays your voice—your point of view—will dominate the essay.
PURPOSE: To analyze, synthesize, argue, explain

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AUDIENCE: Who would disagree with your argument? Why? Think of these naysayers as your audience. This will help you to remember to cite sources in support and keep your tone and style objective.


As with Paper 1, your sources may be gleaned from our textbook, from Lewis University’s online database , TED talks[]=technology&sort=newest,  and/or Frontline documentaries or articles 

• Write an introduction to your essay that includes the following:
Establish that the issue is current and relevant. 
Briefly present how your sources see the problem.
Explain what you see as the problem.
State your thesis.
• Write topic sentences in support of your thesis. 
• Choose material to paraphrase/summarize and quote to support your topic sentences. Paraphrase/summary must be written using the words and rhythm of your own voice. This means you must accurately convey the author’s message without plagiarizing his/her words or ideas. The quotes must be integrated into your thoughts and no more than two lines. All references provide the author’s last name near the beginning and the page number at the end correctly formatted. Refer to 192-199 for guidance.
• Cite sources correctly using the guidelines in the back of our textbook 344-348.
• Revise for organization, coherency, and syntax.
• Correctly formatted Works Cited 348.

EVALUATION CRITERIA The best essays will:

• Include a clearly stated thesis statement appears at the end of the introduction, and although related to the theme drawn from original sources, is wholly original. 
• Include all topic sentences written in the writer’s own words and free of quotes, summary, or paraphrase.
• Sounds like the writer’s voice dominates the essay
• References remain true to author’s intent. Each body paragraph references two different sources cited correctly.
• Provides support for body paragraphs in the form of textual references and explanations that are illustrative and reveal an appreciation of the issue.
• Smoothly integrate quotes into writer’s thoughts and are less than two lines.
• Introduces paraphrase/summary and quotes followed by correct citations and explanations for why the textual evidence is important, or how it supports the thesis.
• Organized deliberately and effectively
• Is scrupulously free of surface errors

MANUSCRIPT REQUIREMENTS: Is 4-5 pages in length, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and double-spaced in MLA/APA format.

Left Justified—name, assignment, date


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