Evaluate various approaches to art
Summarize various approaches to art
Synthesize various approaches to art with different types of discussions about art

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1.  Choose one “approach” to art and describe it. What is important, or meaningful, about an artwork for someone using this approach? What would someone using this approach look for? What kind of research would they do?
2.  Evaluate your chosen approach. What does it do well? What is it good at discovering, or bringing to our attention? What does it miss? What does it ignore?
3.  Now look at Chapter 8—this chapter has sections about art and politics, aesthetic quarrels, and iconoclasm. In each of these sections there are examples of the kinds of issues, discussions, or arguments people have about these things. Choose one of these example “arguments” and describe how someone using your chosen approach might respond. What would they have to say about the issue? What might be important to them? What might they choose to ignore, excuse, or encourage?

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