Tracking Response Exercise (and written reflections)   

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1.  The first part of this assignment requires you to come up with a response to each of the sentence stems/situations provided on the attached sheet, using the play therapy skill of tracking.   (review pp. 217-233 in the textbook re: tracking responses etc. and review the “Child Centered Play Therapy” video for tracking examples) 
 2.   The second part of this assignment is a 5 minute practice with someone you know (this can be a child, teen, adult, friend, spouse etc.), using the skill of tracking, and a brief written paper.   Start out with a few paragraphs describing your 5 minute tracking practice session, and your thoughts/reflections in light of your 5 minute tracking experience, regarding what Dr. Garry Landreth says about the following topics: NO RECORDING NEEDED

a.   asking children questions in therapy
b.   facilitative and non-facilitative responses in play therapy
c.   the issue of playing with a child in play therapy, and
d.   the general direction that should be given to children in play therapy


 Discuss your reaction and self-reflections about Assignment #3

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