Topic: Third Parties:
1 .Discuss: Are third party efforts essentially a waste of time in America? Explain how.
2.Discuss: What contributions do third parties make to the democratic process in the United States?
3.Discuss: Under what conditions might third parties represent a threat to the political process?
What would happen in political elections if the Tea Party Movement becomes a third party? (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

read the .Document than finish questions 4-7.
4.discuss: which theory do you agree with ? which theory you disagree with?
5.Discuss: Do you believe that being able to form interest groups (part of first amendment rights to assemble) gives us access to equal influence; and to have the ability to shape political outcomes to your liking and interest?
6.Discuss: Do the interests of the richer groups get more attention of politicians over the groups with less resources and money? Does the finance/ insurance /real estate groups get more results because they have more resources and money to contribute, than say, the  agricultural, teachers and labor groups (as an example)? 
Topic: Joining an Interest Group:
7.Discuss: If you would join an interest group, what type of interest group would you join and what might lead you to join that particular interest group? 

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