assignment 7- 204

Global forces in business are changing the activities and competitive landscape across all organizational areas. MIS and IT are similarly affected by many changes in the international marketplace. Select a global issue that is creating challenges or opportunities for US-based MIS leaders. Some examples may include:

outsourcing IT staff to other countries
outsourcing programming or development to other countries
networking international locations with domestic locations
utilizing software that is developed in foreign countries
addressing security issues that arise from other countries

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assignment 7- 204
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Select any of the topics above or a topic that you are familiar or interested with. Create a presentation that informs business managers of the issue and its resulting opportunities or challenges.
Presentation requirements:

describe the issue (2-3 slides)
describe what is currently happening with this issue (1-2 slides)
how does this affect a US-based business? (2-3 slides)
what opportunities does this create? (1-2 slides)
what challenges does this create? (1-2 slides)
how should a US-based business respond to this issue? (1-2 slides)


PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt/.pptx)

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