Astronomical Objects


Two objects within our galaxy but outside our solar system
One objects outside our galaxy.

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Astronomical Objects
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For the six total objects you are to provide the following for each:
1. An image
2. Its name and brief description (about 25 words).
3. Its approximate age
4. Its approximate distance from Earth
5. Unique or interesting features (about 100 words)
You will NOT get credit for text that is cut and paste from websites. You are to digest information and summarize in your own words.
 Total assignment ends up about 600 words.
Our TA will grade them and should return them within 2 weeks. If you have trouble submitting, please email a copy of the assignment before the due date to get full credit.

Note on Citations: For assignments you should simply cite the title, author (or publisher) and date of the article along with the URL. You do not need in-text citations on assignments, but please be prepared, for your term paper I will expect full citations.
You are welcome to discuss the assignment in your study group, but remember that in the end YOU MUST HAND IN YOUR OWN WORK.

Assignments will be graded according to the following:
40% accuracy of content; 30% scientific validity and citations; 20% completeness and clarity of writing; 20% originality of writing
Some websites you may want to use for this assignment include:

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