Ayy lmao

Mentors comes off as unreasonable and a brutal killer. He starts off by presenting himself as kind of knowing his motivations and his strive for good will. Since he mentions positive characteristics, Fortunate indicates the care for his death. Fortunate could have done something so awful that it merits the action that Mentors takes. 2. As the story goes on, the setting changes profusely. The setting changes along with the action. In the beginning, the story has a lot of Irony and light. The action sakes place In the middle of a carnival.
Carnivals usually have a happy and fun setting. Later, we start seeing how dark and evil Mentor’s plans are which Is dark and literal. When the story changes to underground Into the catacombs and the pile of bones resembles the action and give strength on the object of Mentor’s evil. 3. Mentors is the protagonist because he is the narrator and main character. He is evil minded and murdered Fortunate. The protagonist usually is the main character and the hero, but Mentors is the main character and is not a hero. Fortunate is the antagonist because he amplifies the mystery and suspense. . The similarities of the two stories could be a mental disorder drawing them to the necessity for evil. “The Black cat” 1 . The narrator feels condemned and guilty, though he is not guilty for killing his wife and Pluto. This says that he is a cold hearted man. He is evil and had a desire to kill. The narrator feels guilty about hurting his cat, Pluto, and cutting its eye out but he does not feel bad about abusing all of his other animals and his wife. This tells us he gives more personality to his cat than to his own wife and cares more about the one cat. 2.
In the beginning of his marriage, he and his wife got along very well and he loved animals. But then, the man started drinking and his personality changed for the worse. HIS personality changed as a result of “the Fiend Intemperance. ” HIS was heavily drinking. As days went by, the drinking got heavier and heavier and he became meaner. He then threatened to physically abuse his wife. When the their loyalty to him. In the end of the story, he had killed all of his animals including his favorite cat, Pluto. 3. Yes, this fear is Justified because he sees a white mark on the body of the cat that resembles the gallows, where hangings occur.

This reminds him of his hanging of his favorite cat, Pluto. When the cat came around that looked Just like Pluto. He did not want to hurt another animal so he tried to stay away. He tried to axe the cat because he was so irritated. When the cat finally left, he felt better and free. It is Justified because he resisted killing it. 4. I do see similarities in this story. The similarities that came to mind was the temptation to have what their mind was set on causing them to do evil. The narrator must have a mental disorder as well because he drank away his problems and had a desire to kill without guilt.

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