Background Statement

My life has always been about making choices and striving to make a difference. I was born in Asia, and late moved to the United States to continue my studies. I could definitely say that my perception about life, including my goals and dreams in life have been formed due to the experiences I had in my life. I grew up taking care of my father, who was obese. As a young child, preparing my father’s food was not much of a big deal; however, this came in as a challenge as I grew older. For this, I decided to hone myself to become a registered dietician. As a student, I have always been hardworking and persevering.

My grades were impressive enough for other people to look up to me. I would have grades that would range from A’s to B’s, but nothing lower than that. My parents would always tell me how proud they are to see my dedication to become successful in life. I would always remind others that having a good education would be advantageous for me in the real world. Regardless of this, I would not forget how to care for the welfare of those I love most. Although my main concern has been about the safety of my family and friends, I also want to make sure that I could be of service to those who were in need.

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Background Statement
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As mentioned earlier, I have been exposed to the realities of life at a young age. I was honed further through the endeavors that I had in my life. These included my involvement in the Dietetics department of the Family Nutrition Program of the Ohio State University. I was responsible for data entry and in the preparation of the materials to be used in the program. I was further trained through my experience as a production supervisor for on-campus dining. The task was tedious, for I had to make sure that everything was in place. However, I am still grateful for I was able to learn how to become a well rounded individual.
Furthermore, I also believe that I possess the leadership capabilities deemed from your perspective students. I used to work as an orientation leader for the Ohio State University, where I learned how to deal with different kinds of people. As the orientation leader, I was expected to give students an overview of the school they were about to study in, and patiently answer all of their queries. This kind of role may become irrelevant for some, but I believe otherwise. In every aspect of life, patience and dedication for the craft have always been considered essential in one’s success.
Moreover, seeing the people become contented with my service also became my driving force in life. I know that my family would always find something good and appreciative in my craft. However, the kind of happiness that I give others cannot be repaid by monetary terms. Through our exchange of thoughts and words, I am able to share with others another side of me that not everyone could see. In this regard, I feel an extraordinary kind of fulfillment wherein I am able to share my talents and become a helping hand in their world.
I know that I may sound young to have such a wide perception about life. But this is the way things go. My parents have brought me up to always take the feelings and welfare of others into consideration. In our own way, we should not only think of ourselves, especially during hard and trying times. As my father became obese, I have set my mind in giving back the care and compassion that he has shown me all these years. In this regard, I would also expand that extraordinary care by being of service to others.
My dreams and aspirations in life do not end after college. I plan to work in the different areas that concern dietetics and hone my knowledge further. The experiences would help me to become an effective Registered Dietician in the future, and eventually widen this knowledge further by spreading my wings in the United States. Having lifetime goals and aspirations in life should never be considered negatively by people. These are the little dreams that keep people, like me, going – working hard in order to achieve a better future for myself and the people around me.

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