Balance your schedule as an athlete and student

One of the greatest challenges that student’s face today lies in balancing their schedule. While the primacy of academics has never really been questioned, the presence of several studies showing that it is also important to be well rounded. The biggest problem with that, however, is finding the time to address the needs of academics and that of extra-curricular activities, particularly for student athletes. As such, the most important thing for an student athlete to do in order to be able to cope with the daily duties as well as the workload in school is to have proper time management techniques.

It is oft heard that time is something that everyone needs a lot of but never has enough of. The key therefore is in being able to make the most out of the limited time that is available. The first step in doing this is by making a list and finding out just how your time is currently being spent; recording the number of hours in class, for study, at work, at home and for recreation. This provides the student with an idea of just where most of the time goes and whether or not there are areas which are given more time than others.

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Balance your schedule as an athlete and student
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With the list, it is now possible to determine just how much time is really needed and what the time wasters are. This will allow the student to maximize the time left for studying and school related activities. Having a personal pocketbook calendar or organizer helps in this situation because it gives the individual a snapshot of the daily activities and when there is time saved after doing a certain task, it allows the individual to adjust the rest of the schedule and allot more time for studying. Another technique is by trying to multi-task.
While this technique may not be optimal for certain types of individuals, with proper training, any person can effectively multi-task to maximize the limited time. The key here is in being able to identify which tasks can be merged with others and which tasks have similarities with others. Small chores can be fit in with the regular tasks to save time because even small chores if done individually can consume a lot of time. These time management techniques will allow students to effectively allocate the limited time that is available to study and also fulfill the other daily obligations at work and at home.

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