Beowulf Comparison Essay

Warthogs is turned from a wise old king to a loud drug ink, the battle with Grenade’s Mother is filled with sex and seduction instead of victory and t he theme bravery tends to come of more as one of cowardice and regret. Warthogs, the king of Danes, is present in both the movie and the story Oboe elf. In the reading, Warthogs is portrayed as a wise king, strong from his years of bat TTL, always wanting to protect all who live in his land and feeling grief when they die. “The wise old king, Trembled in anger and grief, his dearest, Friend and advisor dead” (1307 309).
After Greened is defeated, his mother seeks revenge on the kingdom and takes one of their own. Having not been able to do anything, Warthogs is heartbroken at the death. H forever, in the film Warthogs comes of as a loud drunk, constantly carrying the burden of his past days. H?s carried into the castle on top of his throne with mead in one hand scream mining and cheering. At points he becomes demanding, especially of his queen Wealth w for he wants a child from her. But his past catches up, she will not lie with him for he already laid next to Grenade’s Mother.
Changes are made to make the film more relatable to people in this time. The movie and the story are alive with differences like the formation n of Greened, how he is the offspring of Warthogs and Grenade’s Mother, and Warthogs been g loud and drunk all the time nevertheless, similarities can be seen as well. In both medium ms Warthogs is king strong from his battles and wanting to protect his people and land. Zee emcees has taken some elements from the book but has turned others into ones that Poe peel nowadays could relate with.

The battle with Grenade’s Mother can be found in both the film and the story, UT is completely different in each. In Beowulf, the battle with Grenade’s Mother is if race and exciting with Beowulf close to death, gaining a surge of strength to finally deft at her. “And struck with all the strength he had left, Caught her in the neck and cut it throw GHz, Broke bones and all. Her body fell, To the floor, lifeless, the sword was wet with her blood, and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight” (1 5651 569). Beowulf fought to the death, willing to give everything and only to be saved by the armor he wore.
Grenade’s Mother was killed with age, her death greatly celebrated. But, the film Beowulf has the fight with Gar endless Mother not really a fight at all, rather a scene Of seduction and weakness. Bee wolf strides into battle alone, using the dragon cup as his light source and not wearing an y armor. He encounters Grenade’s Mother and is struck by her beauty. She offers him glory y and riches in return for a child, and Beowulf is quick to oblige. He then returns to the kin smog and announces he has killed the mighty shabbiest. The film had this scene repress NT weakness instead of power as it did in the book.
Likewise, the travel to Grenade’s Mother ‘s lair is like night and day. In the Story, Beowulf travels with twelve men and must fight SE a monsters to get to her cave but, in the movie he travels with only Wigwag and there are n o monsters to fend off. The biggest difference though is obvious, he kills Grenade’s Mother in the story and in the film he sleeps with her. Despite the many differences, we are able t o see at least one similarity. Grenade’s Mother can not be harmed by any mortal sword. Con exclusively, the “Hollywood effect” is seen as a battle scene becomes a sex scene.
Lastly, we can see the theme of bravery illustrated in the movie and the story. In the story Beowulf bravery is a necessary thing for all warriors, to continue to go in to battle and fight for what’s right without fear. “His soul sensed how close fate Had com e, felt something, not fear, but knowledge, Of old age. His armor was strong, but his arm, Hung like his heart. Body and soul , Might part, here; his blood might be spilled, His spirit torn from his flesh” (14711472). A dragon has been woken up and is now terrorizing Beowulf kingdom.
Even in his old age, Beowulf is ready to fight and ready to rooter his people, aware that this could be his final battle. Throughout the book, Beowulf f charges into battle without fear for the good of the people. Always doing what must be do nee, be damned the consequences. On the other hand, bravery is seen in a different light in t he film. Beowulf does not see himself as brave for the curse bestowed on him so man y years ago has protected him to this day. The people do not know of the curse however and see him as one of the bravest of men. In a way you can’t kill me, my friend, ’cause I died many, any years ago when I was young” (Beowulf says in the film). He sees himself as weak having succumbed to Grenade’s mother all those years ago. “He was the brave stop us. He was the prince of all warriors. His name will live on forever'(Wigwag says in the film). The people in his kingdom, and around the world still see Beowulf as a mighty war ROR, the bravest of them all and someone who will charge into any battle. In the story, knows he is brave and wants to remembered for his bravery and glory.
Be that t as it may, in the film Beowulf feels cowardice, constantly feeling the weight of Grenade’s M there and her promises. He does not see himself as brave but rather as a wimp. In both mediums, Beowulf will forever be remembered as the brave monster slayer. Once again, Cosmetics twists the theme of bravery but keeps some aspects the same. Warthogs is an old king filled with wisdom in the story Beowulf, but is portrayer d as loud and drunk in the film. The battle with Grenade’s Mother is filled with sex and seduction instead of glory and power. The theme bravery is turned more into one of regret and cowardice for Beowulf in the film.
Movies made from books usually tend o lack the details that make the story unique and twist them into something completely different. As Care stated, watching your book turned into a movie can be almost devastate Eng. The book was definitely the better of the two. Beowulf is a classic story that gives us a s ensue of what life was before us. We are able to understand their views and also their way o f life. The film demolished those aspects and instead shows us how it would be now. Movies take the main idea of a book but leave out all the parts that make that certain book special a ND enjoyable.

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