Black Plague Wh2

Where did the plague begin and spread? The plague began in 1348 in East Asia but very quickly spread to Florence, Italy. 1b. What two possible cause did Boccaccio suggest for such a terrible event? Boccaccio suggested that it was through the influence of heavenly bodies or that it was God’s anger because of our wicked deeds. 2. How did people behave to those that were sick? Why? The city ordered that the streets be cleansed and any sick person was forbidden from entering the city.
Many people acted this way out of fear of catching the disease themselves. 3. How did the plague affect city government and laws? Many of the upper class citizens stayed inside their homes, secluded from the outside world. 4. What aspect of people’s behavior seems to shock Boccaccio the most? The cruel opinions people had of the plague. Many citizens stayed away from each other and many others abandoned the city, leaving no one to care for the sick people. 5.
Most of the upper-class stayed inside and stayed secluded from the outside world. While hiding they ate and drank plentifully, while trying to stay merry and positive. The lower and middle classes used flowers to hide the odor while on the street/ personally I would have chosen staying in seclusion. 6. The plague had to be one of the most devastating epidemic to sweep Europe in the 14th century and in their history. I don’t think that any moment during this time frame even compares to the damage the Black Plague did to Europe.

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Black Plague Wh2
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