Board Meeting Reflection 1

 Just a quick assignment I need completed asap! Only a 3 page paper summarizing and reflecting on a School District Board meeting. I will provide the link to the meeting.
Each student is expected to attend a school board meeting.  After attending the board meeting, you are to complete a reflection paper (2-3 pages), briefly summarizing the meeting and giving your impressions of the meeting (emphasis on impressions!). You must provide sufficient information/detail in order to make it clear what happened during the meeting. Particular attention should be given to issues of governance and policy as well as the actions, emotions, attentiveness, etc., of the major players (board members, superintendent, central office staff, and public speakers). Divide paper into the following sections: You must label each section.

Summary of Board Meeting 1 (1 page)
Reflection (1-2 pages)     

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Board Meeting Reflection 1
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Behavior – describe the behavior of the participants (board members, superintendent, etc.)
What did you learn from watching/attending the meeting?
How were the board meetings different from what you expected?

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