Book analysis

Analysis of The Last Season; 15 Points; 2-3 pages
To respond properly to the following you will have to read the entire book carefully.
Warning:  Please be aware that extra credit is provided only for those who have read the entire book.  Do not turn in this assignment if you didn’t have a chance to complete the reading.  Over the past couple years there have been a few occasions when students have falsely written up the assignment.  In one case the student had gone to “The Last Season” web site and re-worded a lot of that information.  Of course, I am familiar with the web sites devoted to this book and I knew immediately what had been done.  In another case, it was clear that the student had not finished the book in speculating on what happened to Randy Morgenson, which is part of the assignment as specified below.  Again, turn in this assignment only if you have honestly done the reading.  Otherwise, you risk exposing that you didn’t do the reading (which is embarrassing) and you will receive zero points for the assignment.  This assignment should be included at the end of your Portfolio project or Aztec Adventure Portfolio Project.  Preface each of your responses to these questions with the headings provided below:
Protecting the Wilderness
1. Describe events from Randy Morgenson’s life that influenced his strong devotion to protecting the wilderness of California’s High Sierra range.  Identify his specific concerns for protecting the wilderness.
What Happened to Randy Morgenson?
2. Provide your opinion as to what happened to Randy Morgenson.  Make reference to material in the book as you defend your response.  Again, provide an account of what you believe happened to Morgenson, with justification for your belief from information found in the book.
Three Major Lessons
3. Analyze what you think are the three major “lessons” offered in this book.  These “lessons” do not necessarily have to do with wilderness.  Just to provide one example, in his work Morgenson touched a lot of people by encouraging them to “walk slowly and take a look around once in awhile.”  This is a lesson that many of us can take to heart.  (Don’t use this example as one of your three.)

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