Breaking the China Plate Passage

Almost every character in the book experienced a special kind of relationship with someone else; some were good relationships and some were bad. Orleans and Nathan had a great relationship at home, but as soon as they came to the Congo, that relationship began to go downhill, and this passage seems to be the proof that their relationship is completely broken. In the passage, the china plate is a symbol for Orleans and Antenna’s relationship. Orleans was too “fond” of that plate, which shows how much she cared for her and her husband’s marriage.
She wanted It to work out but the way Nathan was being, It was nearly impossible. When Nathan breaks that plate, their relationship is over the table, which is the official end of a great relationship. That plate stood for something more than a nice, decorative china piece. It stood for the great relationship Orleans and Nathan once had. Once that plate begins to be tossed around and not cared for by Nathan, that Is when you get the first sense of a relationship beginning to be destroyed. The smaller half flipped upside down as it broke, and lay there dribbling lack plantain Juice like blood onto the tablecloth. Mother stood helplessly, holding her hand out to the plate like she wished she could mend Its hurt feelings. ” These two sentences are really Important In proving my theme. When this tablecloth gets stained with this “Juice like blood”, it shows that their relationship will not be the same; and that it basically is dead. Also, it shows how much Orleans cared for the relationship. Also, this sentence shows how much she wanted to care for it like It had feelings.
These feelings are real and they are her feelings that were broken, she wanted to fix the relationship but it was just not going to work. “l wonder what outlook you might think that to be, he said to Mother in that same special voice for bad dogs and morons. ” This evidence shows how much Nathan cared for the relationship, He TLD care about the relationship. Not only did he not care about his relationship with his wife, he did not really care about her at all. He treated her terribly and that the only thing he cared for was his mission in the Congo, and that is he reason their relationship is coming to an end.

This passage relates too lot of the novel because almost every character experienced a time of a relationship with somebody else, whether It was good or bad. For example, Rachel and Axolotl, Lea and her father Nathan, Lea and Anatoly, and so on. There are many relationships 1 OFF Tanat are Torment Ana most AT teen Ana up not Deluge a great relations. Once a lot of these relationships are formed, they never really keep in touch or the relationships die off as each character gets older.
That is why relationship is a huge thematic concept in the novel; and once most of these relationships are broken, then it can be very hard if not impossible to piece them back together Just like the relationship explained in the broken china passage between Nathan and his wife Orleans. In conclusion, this passage is very important to one of the themes in the novel. That theme is, when relationships are broken, it can be almost impossible to piece them back together. That is what this passage is saying; once that plate is broken, their relationship is destroyed.

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Breaking the China Plate Passage
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