Write: Film Still Analysis

Based on our work/discussion in class around how to analyze a film still, you are now being tasked with turning your notes into a coherent paragraph (or two). See the handout in “Modules” on “How to Analyze a Film Still” or the hard copy passed out in class for details. The image you will be analyzing follows: 

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You have walked through steps 1-10 and now need to take those details and answer questions 3-4: 

Take it deeper: What patterns do you see in your analysis? What argument does this still seem to be making? HOW does it make that argument? Remember: this is not about whether you agree or disagree with the film’s agenda; it is about your ability to break down a text/image into its various parts and see the relationships among them. In other words, your analysis here should be pretty heavy on the HOW (rhetorical analysis). 

Thesis: Now it’s time to whittle your notes into a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should act like an umbrella that holds all your points together. Your organizing thesis should be contentious, controversial, and should relate to the theme of the class. (One way to approach thesis statements is to apply a theoretical lens (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to your analysis, such as feminist criticism, Marxist criticism, cultural studies criticism, etc. This is advanced work that we will focus on later so don’t feel compelled to do this now).  

Thesis options might include addressing things like how this film still is a microcosm of the episode as a whole, why this film still captures the perfect kairotic moment, how the film still (and episode as a whole) acts as a cautionary tale, etc. These are just ideas; you are welcome to come up with your own arguments, but make sure they are contestable and relevant to class.
****Post your film still analysis and a thoughtful comment on ONE colleague’s analysis by Tuesday at 11:00a.  
You will be evaluated as such (20 points): 
1. Mentions several elements from the list (items 1-10) in analysis (5 points)
2. Has a contestable thesis that’s relevant to class (5 points)
3. Addresses a pattern of one or more of the elements from items A-J (5 points)
4. Thoughtful comment for one colleague (5 points)

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