Cafeteria Story

This is a story of when I fell down in the school cafeteria. This event was very embarrassing at first and I kind of felt sad. After a while, I started laughing with the kids that were laughing at me, so that I wouldn’t feel bad the rest of the day and so that I could get over it. This is my most embarrassing day, but it also one of the funniest days. I learned a very important lesson that day, which is how to turn an embarrassing situation into a bearable situation. It all started on Tuesday August, 21 2012. I woke up at 5:30am to get ready for school.
I used the shower and got dressed. After getting dressed, I ate breakfast and started walking to the bus stop and waited for the bus. I got off the bus and went to get my books for my classes. It was a good day. I went through my classes without any problems. I had just left my 5th period class, French, to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I walked from French class and waited at the cafeteria doors for my friends, then we went into the cafeteria. We got in line and waited to get our lunch. Waiting in line for my lunch felt as if I was waiting in line for a roller coaster.
The line was extremely long and I was getting tired of waiting, but knew I had to wait. I got a chicken sandwich, an apple and a cookie. I went to the lunch lady and paid for my lunch. I went to a small table in front of the cafeteria and got some napkins and ketchup. After getting my lunch, I took it to my table and sat at my table to eat lunch. After a while I got up to stand in the line with my friends again. I wasn’t looking, so I didn’t know that there was water on the floor. I also didn’t see the cautionary sign that says the area is wet and that people should be careful. I slipped and fell so hard the whole cafeteria heard it.

I looked up and “BAM” people that where around me started laughing and pointing at me. I was embarrassed and sad and at that very moment I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I wanted to be anywhere else but at the cafeteria at that moment. However, after a little while I started laughing too. I laughed because I thought it was funny and also because I didn’t want to feel bad for being laughed at because being laughed at hurts. So, I just acted like nothing happened. After lunch I went back to class and laughed about it again to myself. The thing is, even though it was embarrassing, it was also very funny.
I went to my last two classes, which were English and Biology. During those two classes it was hard for me to be fully involved in the class because I couldn’t help thinking about my incident at the school cafeteria. After school I went to my locker to get my soccer bag for practice. During practice all I could think about yet again was the accident in the cafeteria. I was just as energetic at soccer practice, like always and I was joking around with my teammates as I always do. After practice I went home, ate, and fell asleep. When I was sleeping I dreamt about the accident and I felt just as embarrassed in the dream.
Now every time that something embarrassing happens to me, I think about what I did in the cafeteria and I just laugh. I promised myself, that from now on I will pay attention to where I’m going and be mindful of my steps. I also learned from that experience that things are not always as bad as they seem. If I had cried or showed it on my face that I was embarrassed and sad, the kids who were laughing at me would have kept on laughing. However, since I laughed with them, I took control of the situation by showing them that it wasn’t a big deal. I guess in life, we need to learn how to laugh.

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