Capstone exam

The exam consists of two essay questions. Read the article written by Dr. Neal Trautman titled “The corruption continuum: “How law enforcement organizations become corrupt” before answering the questions. The corruption continuum: How law enforcement organizations become corruptAuthor:​ Trautman, Neal Source:​ PM. Public Management 16-20 82, no. 6 (Jun 2000): p. 16-20 ISSN: 0033-3611 Number:​ 54463897 Copyright:​ Copyright International City Management Association Jun 20001.You are the Chief of Police of Ferguson Mo. It is August 9, 2014 and you have just received word that one of your officers has been involved in a shooting of a robbery suspect. You guessed it, the officer is white and the suspect is black. Complete a two page report including steps you would take to make sure your city does not become a riot zone. You may include things that should have been done before August 9. You have the benefit of hindsight here. Tell me what you would do for the citizens, the victims and your officers.2.You have just become the Chief of Police of an agency that has corruption issues. Write a three page paper including information from Dr. Trautman article explaining why this is an important topic then how you would address this issue giving specific steps you would take to reduce corruption in your agency.

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Capstone exam
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