Case Discussion V

Volkswagen of America Case Discussion Instructions
This video case illustrates how Volkswagen of America (VWA), a major automotive marketer, uses various IMC tools, specifically the “Punch Dab” campaign created by advertising agency Deutsch LA in 2010, to help build awareness of Volkswagen’s product line and to help the company achieve its ambitious sales goals. After viewing the video case (located in Module 4) as many times as you wish, there are discussion topics for you to think about.

The link of the video is the following. 
After viewing the video answer the following questions

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Case Discussion V
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Discussion Topic 1: 

Describe some of the marketing challenges that VWA faces in achieving their ambitious sales goals in the US according to the video case.

Discussion Topic 2:

According to the video case, how does the US automotive market differ from the rest of the world ‘s automotive markets?

Discussion Topic 3:

Describe the importance of the US market for VW’s worldwide success according to the video case.

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