Case Study: Nordstrom

Answer Question 1: How else can Nordstrom continue to provide exceptional customer service and increase brand loyalty? Brands is the relationship between products and customers. It contains a collection of quality and service that customers expect. The loyalty of the customer service for brands is due to meet the expectations of customers, or even better, exceed their expectations, giving customers prefer interesting .
Nordstrom , a department store in the synthesis of America ‘s most successful , with the index ranking for customer loyalty high , there are many stories about companies that are spread among customers and others . We have heard the story about the man walked into Nordstrom stores carry tires for automobiles , and demanded a refund . Nordstrom has returned the money to him . Nordstrom It is not attractive selling automobile tires .
Now that is customer care . If you buy shoes at Nordstrom , and your feet are not the same number , the sellers will take a number just one side with your legs and a foot to the other to the other side of you , but only charge a shoes . If you have to buy a cashmere sweater blue but according to the ad has been sold , the sellers will certainly make suggestions to find a shirt like this or a similar store competitors competition and will send it to you .

Nordstrom has been particularly successful in completing strategic customer service , customer is a centric approach and attentive customer care . The consistent , customer is a centric with innovative thinking has helped to speed up development Nordstrom and stayed for more than a century, after many turbulent economy . Beside, to build brand value, Nordstrom to ensure customer loyalty through brand awareness and ensure it meets the needs , wants of customers . Enhance product awareness , increasing the perceived quality .
Enhance perceived value and enhance consumer experience of our customers. Considerate service, return policy surrender unconditionally, email regimes that include photos of new products for our valued clients and thank you card after purchase are factors to help retailers are not too worry about the price and competition. Nordstrom never focused on the company or its employees, All energy of Nordstrom is put on both the customer, and that is the secret to success of them.

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Case Study: Nordstrom
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