Community Resource

A variety of community resources are available in communities to help people. The resource available varies from dental, abuse counseling, homeless prevention and intervention, food program and help for skin cancer patients. However, language and monetary fund’s is a need in the community. Human services that people have in their lives goes beyond but not limited to healthcare, mental health, childcare services, housing opportunity, and employment.A particular organization offers such, the International Rescue Committee. “The International Rescue Committee is a recognized leader in humanitarian emergencies.
When thousands flee war or repression, the IRC is immediately on the ground to make sure life-saving help gets to those who need it…. most importantly, IRC works with them to make sure they survive their exile in dignity”(International Rescue Committee [IRC], n. d. , ¶ 1). Some of the countries these individuals are from countries are Africa, Iraqi, Asia, and Middle East. “In addition to integrating refugees into the U. S.
IRC’s resettlement network provides high-quality, comprehensive immigration services to refugee and immigrant clients. Twelve regional offices have been accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide immigration legal services” (International Rescue Committee [IRC], n. d. , ¶ 1). According to IRC website, people have been fleeing from their countries because of war and persecution and the regional offices across the United States helps to resettle these refugees in the country. The International Rescue Committee helps over 7000 people of different country and culture yearly.The International Rescue Committee website stated, “Staff members and volunteers believe that refugee’ greatest resources are themselves.

We help them translate their skills, interests and past experiences into assets that are valuable in their new communities” (International Rescue Committee [IRC], n. d. , ¶ 1). This particular organization provides a great deal of resources for refugees around the United States including the city of Atlanta. Language is a big barrier for these individuals. The organization does try to help with the barrier.They provide mentor to help them with English Language, however it would be easier and more productive if these mentor speak the language of the refugees.
Learning English is very important for communication and important for employment. Another organization that provides human services needs in my community, is the Lilburn Cooperative Ministry. This organization provides funds for emergency needs such as utilities, clothing closet, needs and household items, referral information for other sources of assistance, budget planning assistance, employment resource referral, school supplies and counseling referral (Lilburn Cooperative Ministry, n. . ). This community resource also provides help for people who require help with English language. A need for this community will be help for English speakers to learn a second language; especially Spanish.
A number of times jobs would be available and the post stated one of the requirements is to be bilingual. In order for the job seekers to have a balance opportunity, job seeker, both English and Spanish needs to be bilingual. The language need has been met and the need for funds to help individuals without job and with low income has been met. It takes a great deal of resource to coordinate and run these organizations.The community benefits from greatly and the vision of these organizations are been met. International Rescue Committee helps people who are from other country. While the Lilburn Cooperative Ministry helps everyone.
These organization helps people live a better life there services are not limited to healthcare, recreation, or employment. Both organizations serve different and similar needs. IRC serves refugees, rescue them from war. Lilburn Co-op serves the community at large they provide money for bills, food, referrals and job openings. These community resources are doing their job effectively.

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