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A Doll’s House, Trifles, and “Eveline” can be discussed together as a cluster because of the similar topics they share. Drawing connections between TWO of these works, write an essay responding to ONE of the two prompts below. 
In a 4-5 page essay, examine gender roles in A Doll’s House and Trifles. Identify three stereotypes that govern the actions of either the men or the women in these plays? (You can discuss two actions of men and one of women, or you can discuss two actions of women and one of men) 

In a 4-5 page essay, compare Nora in A Doll’s House with Eveline in Joyce’s homonymous short story. Identify two (2) criteria (thesis—part I and part II) that reveal the role and position of women in the late nineteenth century, and explain if and how these women embrace their predetermined roles (thesis—part III). 
You will complete this assignment in three parts: 1. BRAINSTORM/OUTLINE 


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