Competency Statement to Support Social and Emotional Development and to Provide Positive Guidance

Social Development and Emotional Development goes hand and hand. They are closely related . Social development refers to the young child feelings about himself or herself, the people in his or her life, and the environment in which they play and lives. Emotional developments color the experience of every young child mood. At our center we provide social and emotional security for each child. I help each child to know, accept and take pride in him or herself and to develop a sense of independence.
In our preschool class we treat each child as an individual. All children have different rates of development and different personalities. As a teacher I show the children that I am very concern about them and their feeling and this helps children during their discuss times. Every morning I greet the child and their parent, I receive and give hugs too each child upon arriving and departure. In my classroom I respond quickly and calmly when children are having a disagreement, children tend to look too the teacher to help solve the disagreement.
Responding quickly also help children from hurting other. (For example; John and Bob were playing car, at the block center, John wanted the car that Bob had bob would let John see the car so John took the car from Bob and hit him. I went over to John and said your friend is sad because you hit him and took his car, we do not treat our friends like that we have too learn too share and keep our hand by our side, and do you remember the book we read about hitting our friends and how that makes they sad.

Also John you must learn too use you words “my turn please”. When children are unhappy because something has change in their life I like too find a book too read too cheer them up. Their were two best friends but one had to moved too another school. The friend that was left was so sad so I asked the class too share ideas of things that we could do too cheer him up. The children wanted me too read a book; I read a book about Feeling, as I read I was pointing at the different facial expression.
I encourage the class too draw pictures that reflect the boys feeling and picture that would cheer him up Sharing is something we practice everyday what ever they are playing with becomes mines, mines and mines my class has a hard time sharing to encourages sharing we play lots of activities with four at each tables, for instance we do board games, art activities, we pair up and share a book, table tubs, outside we take turn riding the bikes, and sharing the balls. It is important that we use all of our resources to develop our children social and emotional skill teaching them how to interact and share with other peers.

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Competency Statement to Support Social and Emotional Development and to Provide Positive Guidance
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