Computer Sc.

[Integrate information from step 2. Prepare a functional analysis and design using SQUARE for requirements information gathering. Review software quality requirements engineering (SQUARE). Identify the SQUARE process. Provide overview of how to collect requirements for security technology and techniques being proposed.]
[Integrate information from steps 3 and 4. Include different ways to secure data in the cloud. Research into Hadoop cloud environment and database models to understand what it takes to secure data in the cloud. After performing the Hadoop lab, collaborate on final results and include analysis on ways of securing data as part of SDLC. Provide summary on analysis and planning for evaluation of technologies and techniques examined for protection of client data in transit. Take time to review: server virtualization, benefits and features of cloud computing, mobile cloud computing. Compare different technologies and techniques. Include: encryption, access control and other techniques. Consider their efficiency, effectiveness and other factors that may affect the security of the data in the cloud. Include reasoning and conclusions. Include which is generally better, stronger technique and why.]

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Computer Sc.
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