Contemporary issue essay

InstructionsIf you have any questions relating to this assessment task, please go to the discussion board and post your questions there.Tanika is Aboriginal and lives in a small rural town where she has strong connections to family and country. She is 16 years old and pregnant with her first child. Physically, mother and Baby are well but because there are no birthing services in her community she is required to go to the nearest major city (several hundred kilometres away) to wait to birth her baby. Tanika is refusing to go to town saying that she would prefer to birth in her community with the assistance of the local Aboriginal community-controlled health service staff. Using the concepts learned in this unit, analyse Tanika’s situation regarding the pros and cons of birthing on country and birthing in a metropolitan hospital. Discuss concepts from the unit that relate to her situation and provide some recommendations that would ensure the availability of culturally safe care in a metropolitan hospital.Frame your essay around key concepts in this unit (outlined in the study schedule on the last page and in the week 9 tutorial) such as:Race/culture/ethnicity/identity Privilege/Equality/Access to health servicesUnequal power / EnculturationColonisation/ Australian Historical eventsStereotyping /racismVictim blaming Communication/health literacyCultural safety/ Cultural competenceSocial Determinants of HealthCodes and Standards of Nursing and Midwifery practiceTIP: Remember that you need to demonstrate that you understand the concepts above, so start your paragraphs with a topic sentence that introduces the concept, then relate the concept to the case study in a way that shows you understand how the concept can be applied in ‘real life’. Discussion of at least three concepts in depth is expected as a minimum. You should be able to refer to several other concepts as well (the more the better) Headings (sub-headings may be used of your choice): Introduction (150 words): Brief overview of the topic and structure of the essay Similarities and differences between health services (400 words) Describe and support with references. Concepts that relate to the case study (600 words) Strategies to manage health issues in a culturally safe way (500 words) Conclusion (100 words) summary of key points Minimum 10 references, 7 years old or less, from a mixture of journal articles, books and credible websites (e.g. Australian Indigenous health info net). Your unit text is an edited book so reference the separate chapters that you use appropriately.Do not reference unit lectures or tutorial activities for this assignment. Make sure your sources are credible. Remember to reference the individual chapters of edited books e.g. Biles and Biles

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Contemporary issue essay
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