Contrasting Manufacturing Technology Case Study

Unmistakably, Clark Metal Products is a company focused on heavily investing in the latest and modern technology for the purpose of decreasing the production costs. The manufacturing technology enforced by the company is precise and cost-effective. Production flows are simple and accurate but caters to the customers’ specifications and preference. Clark Metal products opted to adopt the modern technology of machining to accommodate customers’ demands and design preferences at lower possible cost. On the other hand, LA Aluminum’s manufacturing process is meticulous and scrupulous.
Casting technology was enforced by the company in manufacturing its components to ensure that the customers’ preferences and specifications are met. Moreover, quality control procedures are comprehensive to ensure the quality of the products. Undeniably, the LA aluminum’s competitive priorities are providing tailored-fit products according to customers’ needs and ensuring the highest possible quality of the products. 2. Clark Metal Products uses Flexible Manufacturing System and Automated punching cells to manufacture the the components of its products at any number with a lower production cost.
The automation helps in minimizing and expiditing the process thereby resulting to a decrease in the manufacturing expenses. Evidently, automation provided the company with a clear-cut and rigorous production flow that increases productivity and decreases manufacturing expenses. LA Aluminum, on the other hand, uses automated machining centers to cater to the customers’ specifications through additional operations. The manufacturing flow implemented by the company is comprehensive and it is geared towards catering the customers needs and preferences.

A meticulous manufacturing flow is time-consuming which causes an increase in longer man hours and manpower needs. Hence, this type of manufacturing technology increases the cost of production. Bourbon Bank Case Study 1. The main objective of the service guarantee program was to make the company as the industry leader in customer service. It was designed to assist the company in building its competitive advantage through providing excellent serviceto its customer base, moreover, the program will play an essential role in validating the company’s new corporate culture.
2. Some of the Bourbon Bank’s employees along with the CEO, Mr. Del Carr, believed that the service guarantee was a success. However, the service guarantee manager, Sarah Coleman had doubts. The campaign has been in place for only 10 months and it was difficult to measure if the project was a successs since the results vaguely demonstrate any growth in the company’s performance. Nonetheless, it must be noted that the company paid only $860 for the 300 branches for 10 months.
Bourbon Bank invested in media and promotional activities to inform the public about its commitment to providing excellent service. Intensive customer service training was formulated to cultivate the employees customer service skills. A customer service hotline was established to accommodate all customers’ questions and needs. Three types of service guarantee were introduced to reinforce the company’s quest to provide excellent customer service. The bank did not exactly redesign its processes but improvements and enhancements were done to complement the current system.
4. $860 total payout in 300 branches for 10 months was really impressive. It simply meant that an average of 17. 2 transactions failed to meet the service guarantee monthly bankwide. Undeniably, the employees are also motivated to contribute in the success of this program. 5. Sarah Coleman, along with all the members of the Marketing Control Task Force, must suggest further improvements in the bank’s processes and continue with the scheduled courtesy service guarantee.
Results of the program must be published to inform the public of the company’s achievements in terms of customer service. Gifford Hospital Pharmacy Casse Study 1. 2. Steps 2 to 7 are performed by pharmacists in the hospital and the average amount of time taken to perform these steps is 11. 8 minutes. If five pharmacists worked on a Monday from 8am to 5pm with 32 prescriptions to work on, each pharmacist can finish an average of five prescriptions in an hour. 25 prescriptions will be processed within 8am to 5pm.
3. The pharmacy process of Gifford hospital can be improved by adopting a business process management approach. Although the hospital wants to improve its current pharmacy process without increasing their expenses, the company must consider incorporating the latest technology to automate its system. Let’s say, if the process is automated, order prescriptions can be directed to the network and the system determines duplications, allergic reactions and other relative information.
Investing on automation would mean increasing expenses for acquiring the latest technology, however, this would improve the process and lessen the labor hours. Accuracy will be improved as well. 4. I therefore recommend that the Gifford hospital should conduct a comparative study on cost of automation as opposed to the manpower hours involved in the pharmacy process. Accuracy, speed and costs effectiveness must all be considered. A good automated pharmacy process will not only establsih competitive edge but it will also decrease the labor costs of the hospital.

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