Control Key and Word

1. Word flags the potential error in the document window with a colored underline. A ____ wavy underline means the flagged text is not in Word’s dictionary (because it is a proper name or misspelled). A)red B) blue C) yellow D) green
2. With a ____, you can convert a printed picture, drawing, or diagram to a digital file. A)fax machine B) copy machine C) scanner D) digital camera
3. The process of developing a document that communicates specific information requires careful analysis and planning. As a starting point, ____.

A)analyze the intended readers of the document and their unique needs B)determine the document design and style C)establish why the document is needed D)gather information about the topic
4. Character formatting is the process of changing the way characters appear ____. A)on the screen B) in print C) both a. and b D) neither a. nor b
5. To see a complete list of automatically corrected words, click ____ on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view, click Options in the Backstage view, click Proofing in the left pane, click the AutoCorrect Options button, and then scroll through the list near the bottom of the dialog box.
A)Home B) Format C) File D) Edit
6. If the Picture Tools Format tab is no longer displayed on the Ribbon, ____ the picture to display the Picture Tools Format tab. A)triple-click B) ouble-click C) right-click D) single-click
7. If you want to conserve ink or toner, you can instruct Word to print draft quality documents by clicking ____ on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view. A)Format B) Edit C) Insert D) File
8. You want the headline to be ____, that is, positioned horizontally between the left and right margins on the page.
A)left-aligned B) centered C) justified D) right-aligned
9. A(n) ____ mark, sometimes called a nonprinting character, is a character that Word displays on the screen but is not visible on a printed document. A)unified B) text C) formatting D) editing
10. Paragraph ____ is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraph. A)formatting B) controlling C) enhancing D) editing
11. A ____ is a computer program that can damage files and programs on your computer. A)virus B) cold C) bug D) flu
12. In Word, the default font usually is ____.
A)Times New Roman B) Arial C) Cambria D) Calibri
13. ____ text prints with an underscore (_) below each character. A)Italicized B) Underlined C) Embossed D) Bolded
14. To save an existing document with the same file name using one click, press the ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previously saved file. A)Save B) Save As C) either a. or b. D) neither a. nor b.
15. When you ____ text, Word colors the rectangular area behind any text or graphics. A)border B) emboss C) bold D) shade
16. ___ properties are associated with all Microsoft Office documents and include author, title, and subject. A)Basic B) Trusted C) Default D) Standard
17. The ____ is the first line of text on a document. A)header B) footer C) headline D) body copy
18. A ____ is a word or phrase that further describes the document. A)keyword B) tab C) property D) characteristic
19. Each time you press the ____ key, Word creates a new paragraph and inserts blank space between the two paragraphs. A)F3 B) ENTER C) TAB D) CTRL
20. ____ denotes success, victory, creativity, and enthusiasm. A)Red B) Blue C) Orange D) Purple
21. You can center page contents vertically between the top and bottom margins. To do this, click the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, click the ____ tab, click the Vertical alignment box arrow, click Center in the list, and then click the OK button. A)Alignment B) Format C) Layout D) Edit
22. The ____ consists of all text between the headline and the signature line. A)placeholder B) header C) footer D) body copy
23. Word flags the potential error in the document window with a colored wavy underline. A ____ wavy underline indicates the text may contain a contextual spelling error such as the misuse of homophones (words that are pronounced the same but that have different spellings or meanings, such as one and won). A)yellow B) red C) blue D) green
24. Word flags the potential error in the document window with a colored wavy underline. A ________wavy underline indicates the text may be incorrect grammatically. A)red B) yellow C) green D) blue
25.A single point is about 1/72 of one inch in height. A)1/18 B) 1/9 C) 1/72 D) 1/36
26. The MLA style requires that you set the line spacing to ____ for the entire research paper. A)double B) multiple C) 1. 5 D) single
27. Word automatically inserts page breaks, called _____, when it determines the text has filled one page according to paper size, margin settings, line spacing, and other settings. A)hard page breaks B) anchored page breaks C) floating page breaks D) soft page breaks
28. A ____ is text and graphics you want printed at the top of each page in a document.
A)title B) superscript C) header D) footer
29. Word automatically numbers notes sequentially by placing a ____ both in the body of the document and to the left of the note text. A)note reference B) footnote C) reference point D) tag
30. A(n) ____ is text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page. A)anchor B) end note C) footer D) footnote
31. To find a word with a similar meaning to the one already in your document, right-click the word and select ____. A)Other Words B) Dictionary C) Synonyms D) Find new
32. A(n) _____ page break is one that you force into a document at a specific location. A)automatic B) manual C) forced D) soft
33. If rulers are not displayed, click the ____ button on the vertical scroll bar to display them. A)Normal B) Measure C) View Ruler D) View
34. To create a hanging indent using shortcut keys, press ____. A)CTRL+T B) CTRL+R C) CTRL+M D) CTRL+2
35. If you do not want to keep a change made by the AutoCorrect feature, you can click the ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
A)Disable B) No C) Undo D) AutoCorrect Off
36. The ____ page alphabetically lists sources that are directly referenced in the paper. A)works cited B) citations C) note reference marks D) endnotes
37. A ____ is a named group of formatting characteristics. A)style B) pattern C) header D) format
38. Use a ____ to signal that an explanatory note exists. A)footnote B) header C) subscript D) superscript
39. The ____ feature in Word automatically corrects certain spelling, typing, capitalization, or grammar errors.
A)AutoMark B) AutoSpell C) AutoCorrect D) AutoFix
40. The MLA documentation style uses ____ instead of noting each source at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper. A)parenthetical references B) works cited C) endnotes D) footnotes
41. A(n) ____ is text that you want printed at the bottom of the page. A)footer B) header C) footnote D) endnote
42. The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called ____. A)double-space B) vertical spacing C) line spacing D) single space
43.To capitalize all selected characters, press ____. A)CTRL+SHIFT+A B) SHIFT+A C) CTRL+ALT+A D) CTRL+A
44. The shortcut keys for formatting a paragraph with single spacing is ____. A)CTRL+ALT+S B) CTRL+1 C) ALT+S D) CTRL+S
45. If you are using the APA style, you should double-space all pages of the paper with ____ top, bottom, left and right margins. A)2 inch B) 1. 5 inch C) . 5 inch D) 1 inch
46. The _____ is a temporary Windows storage area. A)Copyboard B) Clipboard C) Editing folder D) Copy and Paste pane
47.If you click the ____ button, a menu appears that allows you to change the format of the item that was moved. A)Paste Options B) Format Paste C) CTRL key D) Clipboard
48. To use ____, you double-click a blank area of the document window, and Word automatically formats the item you enter according to the location where you double-clicked. A)AutoFormat B) Click and Type C) Cut and Paste D) Show/Hide
49. To add a word to the custom dictionary, right-click the flagged word, and then click ____ on the shortcut menu. A)Add Custom B) Insert C) Edit Dictionary D) Add to Dictionary
50.The MLA style specifies that a(n) ____ be used for a note reference mark to signal that an explanatory note exists at the end of the document as an endnote. A)footnote B) footer C) superscript D) subscript
51. At the top you see Version ___. A)A B) B C) C D) D
Answer Key 

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Control Key and Word
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1. A
2. C
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. A
12. D
13. B
14. A
15. D
16. D
17. C
18. A
19. B
20. C
21. C
22. D
23. C
24. C
25. C
26. A
27. D
28. C
29. A
30. C
31. C
32. B
33. C
34. A
35. C
36. A
37. A
38. D
39. C
40. A
41. A
42. C
43. A
44. B
45. D
46. B
47. A
48. B
49. D
50. C

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